MMXi - Social Websites and Knowledge Management Networks

Diamax MMXi is a socially enabled website development and knowledge management platform for science academies and knowledge management networks that combines relational content management, expertise management, search, and social media. This web-based solution was engineered using Microsoft .net and SQL server and is designed to support enterprise integration and heavy customization.

Diamax MMXi supports a fundamental shift in KM and Web strategy because it allows users to identify and manage informal relationships between relevant information and people. We believe information only becomes knowledge when the right person can be identified quickly to help interpret it. Diamax MMXi makes it possible to socially enable any piece of content, allowing users to connect around relevant information informally and helping managers uncover relationships required to support more fluid and effective knowledge networks.

Diamax CMS

Intuitive content management system allows non-technical staff to easily manage rapidly growing socially enabled Web 2.0 websites. Advanced features include 30+ content types with individually configured parent child relationships, Dublin Core metadata, ability to password protect individual pages and files, scheduled publishing, version control with roll-back, change logs, and cascading multi-page modifications. The MMXi CMS includes many specialty features such as BibTex citations and bibliographies.

Web 2.0 Framework

Fast loading Signature Site 2011 Web2.0 Interface optimizes the layout and rendering of each content type (both detailed pages and lists are dynamic). Highly usable interface includes hierarchical navigators, Google site-search, topic & category navigators, dynamic sitemap, and content type specific directories to make it easy for visitors to find the right information and people rapidly. Embedded social media features enable interaction in the context of relevant content. Reusable widgets, dynamically inserted data, and web links create alternative pathways to related information.

People Directory

Manage and present people in a format that can be rapidly searched, sorted, and filtered. Connect people to organizations and content throughout the site without reentering information about them. Detailed profiles display contact information, portraits, bios, CVs, expertise, education, affiliations, and custom data in a simple format that can also be printed. Limit access to entire records or make selected fields accessible to specific audiences.

Private Social Network

Allow members to update their own profiles, comment on content throughout the website, participate in blogs and forums, bookmark pages, friend and follow each other, indicate affiliations and follow organizations, like/dislike content, manage individual walls, and view a summary of activity associated with each person (comments posted, meetings attended, content liked/disliked, committee service, etc.).

Organization Directory

Manage and present organizations and associated people in a format that can be rapidly searched, sorted, and filtered. Connect organizations to people and content throughout the site without reentering information about them. Insert logo, photograph, contact information, description/background, key documents, and weblinks. Embed photo albums, news, events, and other related information about each organization.

Organization Microsites

Allow organizations to maintain their own profiles, create private and public blogs/forums, upload documents and links, accept or reject affiliated people, engage followers, and establish partnerships/connections with other organizations.


Publish press releases, news, announcements, and articles on the homepage or on related publication, project, and event pages. Dynamically generated lists aggregate news content from throughout the website for simple searching, sorting, and filtering. Create and send e-newsletters that can be viewed in e-mail or online by inserting original and previously published news content. Can be integrated with popular bulk-email marketing tools such as 'Exact Target' and 'Constant Contact'.

Media Archive

Embed video, audio, podcasts, and photo albums in context throughout the website. Built-in media players render HD Video and high resolution photographs on the page or in pop-up windows. Seamlessly embed videos hosted on YouTube anywhere on the website. Search, sort, and filter all rich media in a single dynamically assembled archive.

Publications Catalog

Organize print and digital publications by category, keyword, author, publication date, ISBN, organization etc. Reports and books can be featured on the catalog's landing page, or searched, sorted, and filtered in a user-friendly listing. Add related documents, links, people, press releases, photos, etc. to each publication in the catalog to create context for social interaction and improved dissemination. Sell publications using built-in PayPal Website Payments Standard widget or custom integrate with an e-store.

Resource Collection

Assemble topic-focused collections of documents, files, links, video, audio, citations, bibliographies, articles, publications, news, blogs, photo albums, etc. Hundreds of resources can be searched, sorted, and filtered. Embedded social features allow visitors to insert comments or like/dislike individual resources.


Establish a content rich calendar of events, meetings, conferences, symposia, deadlines, and milestones. Password protect individual events and add venue details, related documents, press releases, people, organizations etc. Embed standardized multi-day agendas for each meeting that feature sessions, presentations, and breaks. Embed blogs and forums to facilitate submission of presentation materials prior to meetings, as well as participant collaboration after meetings. Register participants using the online forms module and collect participation fees using built-in PayPal Website Payments Standard widget.

Project Directory

Quickly establish online reference and communications points for each project in a simple directory that can be searched, sorted, and filtered by criteria such as title, project sponsor, study director, topic, status, completion date, etc. Manage project/program content, committee collaboration, and public communications in a single intuitive online space that can display both public and private details. Insert related documents, key contacts, password protected committee blogs/forums, events, press releases, etc. Accept public comments to share with committee members and selectively publish them for public audiences.

Online Forms

Simplify the collection and processing of application forms, registration forms, and proposals anywhere on the website. Individual contact fields may be enabled/disabled and up to 10 custom fields inserted. Allow applicants/submitters to upload related attachments. Export fielded submission data in comma-separated format for use in databases and spreadsheets. Pair with PayPal Website Payments Standard to accept fees associated with form submissions.

Sample MMXi Sites

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