Who We Work For

Since our first project in 1998, a custom workflow application for the World Bank, we have developed more than 200 custom solutions, earning the trust and respect of leading organizations and senior executives in several countries.

We offer our solutions and products to clients in all sectors but have focused primarily on associations, international organizations, public policy institutions, and public sector clients. We have considerable experience working at executive and board levels but our solutions are used throughout the organizations and companies we serve and many are publicly visible.

The following are some of our most widely known customers and a few of the solutions we have implemented for them.

Types of Clients
  • Academies of Science, Engineering & Medicine
  • Public Policy Organizations
  • Advisory Committees
  • Science & Health Research Agencies
  • International Development Agencies
  • International Organizations
  • Foundations & Philanthropy Organizations
  • NGOs
  • World Bank Group
    Washington, DC
    Executive Calendar

    A robust custom scheduling tool for the World Bank President and other senior executives.

    Board Room Monitoring

    Website integrated with electronic conference microphones in World Bank Board Room allows senior executives to monitor proceedings remotely in real-time.

    Operations Manual

    Dynamically generated 700+page automated print document eliminates 6 months of page layout work previously required for print publishing.

  • National Academy of Engineering
    Washington, DC
    • NAE Website
    • Changing the Conversation Website
    • Grand Challenges Website
    • NAE New Member Election Tracking System
    • NAE Membership Directory
    • Engineer Girl Website
    • Engineer Your Life Website
    • Online Ethics Center
    • Multi-channel Digital Messaging System
    • Digital Strategy
  • Institute of Medicine
    Washington, DC
    • IOM Advanced Membership Directory
    • IOM New Member Online Nomination System
    • Institutional Website Development
    • Study Websites
  • InterAcademy Council
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • IAC Website
    • IAC IPCC Review Website and Executive Information System
    • Digital Strategy
    • Online Report Reader
  • InterAcademy Panel
    Trieste, Italy
    • IAP Website
    • IAP 2010 General Assembly Website
    • Member Organization Directory
    • Private Social Network
  • National Academy of Sciences
    Washington, DC
    • Institutional Website Development
    • Project Website Development
    • Information Systems Consulting
    • Manuscript Submission System Support
    • Business Process Analysis and Application Design
  • United Nations World Food Programme
    Rome, Italy
    • Website Development
    • Custom Application Development
    • IT Support
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
    Rome, Italy
    • Website Development
    • Custom Application Development
    • IT Support