About Diamax

Diamax Information Systems Corporation is a full-service interactive agency with more than 12 years of experience providing multichannel digital communications solutions and executive information services to leading organizations in the fields of science, engineering, health, and development. Through digital innovation and professional Internet technology management, we help our clients strengthen their institutions and accelerate action on important ideas.

Diamax combines some of the best thought leadership on integrated communications, personalized user experience design, and cross-channel community engagement with leading capabilities in web design, website management, technology development, social media, and content creation to support our client's. We work closely with senior leadership, their communications and IT teams, as well as stakeholders, participants, and partners to design, build, and manage successful digital solutions.

Through repeat project successes and continuous strategic engagement we build long-term relationships with each customer. Diamax works on projects of national and global significance for clients that include the World Bank, the US National Academies, the InterAcademy Council, and the United Nations.

Diamax has offices in the United States and Europe.

Corporate Facts

  • Founded in1998
  • US Office in Washington, DC
  • European Office in Bucharest
  • Privately held



  • Multichannel, personalized, and participatory digital media solutions
  • Associations
  • Academies of Science, Engineering & Medicine
  • Public Policy Organizations
  • Advisory Committees
  • Science & Health Research Agencies
  • International Development Agencies
  • International Organizations
  • Foundations & Philanthropy Organizations
  • NGOs