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MMXi - Social Websites and Knowledge Management Networks

Diamax MMXi, a specialized version of Miliu, is a socially enabled website development and knowledge management platform for science academies and knowledge management networks that combines relational content management, expertise management, search, and social media. This web-based solution was engineered using Microsoft .net and SQL server and is designed to support enterprise integration and heavy customization.

DAS - Automated Page Layout of Large Documents

Diamax Document Automation Server (DAS) generates highly formatted PDF and Word documents dynamically. This system is used in the World Bank to dynamically generate a pr ess ready version of the Operations Manual (hundreds of pages) and at the National Academy of Engineering to generate member nomination forms (2 pages) directly from content management systems.

CPMMS - Advanced Conference & Boardroom Streaming

Diamax Conference Proceedings Management & Monitoring System (CPMMS) is a secure, Web-based software solution that facilitates conference management and enables remote observation of conference and boardroom proceedings in real-time by delivering audio, video, data, and documents to the desktop. A CPMMS can be integrated seamlessly with leading digital conference microphone and simultaneous interpretation systems

ONS - Online Nomination and Candidate Evaluation System

Diamax Online Nomination System (ONS) combines intuitive online forms with powerful workflow and reporting tools to simplify complex nomination, election, and assessment processes.

ECS - Executive Calendaring & Entourage Management

Senior executives at large organizations often require custom calendaring solutions that accommodate a high volume of appointments, international travel schedules, information access for support staff (assistants, security, drivers, pilots, caterers etc.), meeting notes, document management, rich media, rapid rescheduling, mobile integration, and other advanced features not supported in standard enterprise mail and calendaring software.

Proven Solutions

Since 1998 Diamax has deployed more than 200 custom digital solutions. Here are some examples:

MMXi Websites

  • National Academy of Engineering Website
  • NAE's Changing the Conversation Website
  • InterAcademy Panel Website

DAS Documents

  • World Bank Operations Manual (700 Pages)
  • NAE Membership Directory (300 Pages)

CPMMS Streaming Systems

  • World Bank Boardroom

ONS Nomination Sites

  • IOM Online Nomination System
  • NAE Election Tracking System
  • Frontiers of Engineering Nomination System

ECS Executive Calendaring

  • World Bank Executive Calendar