What We Do

Diamax designs, builds, and manages digital media products and solutions that bring people and information together through any channel, anywhere. Our custom solutions organize and distribute information throughout the enterprise and across the Internet using any medium or device relevant to our customers and their users.
Our unique technologies also make it possible to apply advanced personalization and participation strategies to a broad array of digital solutions.

Digital Strategy

Digital moves fast - it's our job to know what the changes will mean to you and your organization. We take the time at the beginning of every engagement to learn about your organization - people, processes, resources, infrastructure, inputs, outputs, challenges, opportunities, risk factors, priorities, objectives - everything. We work with each client to develop a digital strategy as well as an action plan, and then we continuously adjust both because nothing stays the same in the digital world for long. Diamax solutions are highly targeted and successful because they are based on sound strategic thinking and effective communication with our clients.

Interactive Web Design

Award winning websites, relevant, simple, accessible, social, and rich. They build brands, bring people together, deliver ideas, and facilitate action. Our designs extend beyond the aesthetic, to reflect a deep understanding of web usability issues, information architecture, and new media technologies. Diamax designers work diligently to conceive solutions to practical business challenges. Our web developers build compliant web interfaces using XHTML, CSS, AJAX, XML, .NET and Flash. We are experts in content management and database integration so Diamax websites are information rich and easy to maintain.

Analytics & Website Management

Our website management experts are all about audiences - understanding the people who visit your site and helping you connect. Do you know who is visiting your site, what they are looking at, where they came from, where they go next, how long they stay, which clicks result in action, which ones do not? That's just the beginning - websites are dynamic and require constant tuning to remain in alignment with audience needs and organizational objectives. Diamax offers web analytics, search engine optimization, content maintenance, forms and data transfer, audience relations, and more.

Technology Development

We built our reputation on cutting edge technology that always pushes boundaries and occasionally kicks off a disruptive shift. Great solutions happen when top software engineers collaborate energetically with media strategists, usability experts, and creative talents. That is why our developers are not isolated - they are part of a single digital media team that approaches strategy, technology, creative, and content concurrently. We are technology agnostic, favoring only development agility and the best platform to achieve our clients' objectives.

Social Media

Social media is a lot more than just Twitter and Facebook - the entire web is going social, every website is becoming a network. Our social media experts help each client manage both external and internal communities and our engineering team integrates social features into existing websites, knowledge management systems, and resource repositories. Social is not about sending website visitors to a social networking website to interact, for science and development organizations it is often about attracting them to your site and facilitating high-value connections around your content. We think 'going social' is ultimately about faster access to the right information and the right people.


A relevant website involves smart strategy, a little bit of technology, and a lot of content. Perfect timing and relevant links are just as important. As audiences increasingly expect real-time information access, deep interlinked content archives, and more rich media on all websites, in-house subject matter experts and web teams are often overwhelmed. Because of our deep customer relationships and focus on science and development Diamax can augment your organization's ability to write, edit, format, load, and optimize content.

Key Solutions

  • Multi-channel Content Management
  • Dynamic Interface Personalization
  • Participatory User Experience Design
  • Website Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Content Management
  • Web Application Development
  • Relational Database Development
  • Enterprise Information Systems Integration
  • Information Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Digital Interface Design
  • Online Community Management


  • Agile Methodology
  • Technology Agnostic


  • Onsite - Your IT Department
  • Cloud - Amazon, Rackspace
  • Dedicated - Rackspace


  • SQL Server, .NET, CRM, SharePoint


  • PHP, MYSQL, Drupal


  • Lotus Notes and Domino


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, XHTML, SHTML