Milieu Transforms AnthroGuide

PostedTuesday, November 19, 2019 at 8:36 PM

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anthroguide.pngIs it possible to reimagine a 50 year old academic program directory? The American Anthropological Association thinks so and we are glad they chose Milieu EDU Exchange to do it!

The American Anthropological Association is the leading organization of scholars and practitioners in the field of anthropology and AnthroGuide is the go-to resource for academic counselors advising prospective students. Unfortunately, few students discovered the resource on their own and when they did, they couldn’t get answers to many of their questions without additional Google searches.  AAA engaged Diamax to transform AnthroGuide into a hub that would allow member schools to differentiate themselves and share success stories.  In only 2 months, Diamax and AAA worked together to implement Milieu EDU Exchange, migrate AAA directory data, and train early adopters.  After a 1 month soft-launch, AnthroGuide was released publicly and early adopters are transforming their school profiles into microsites that help them engage the right applicants for their programs.

I get really excited when a customer like AAA comes along because they have opened up an entirely new opportunity for Milieu to impact education.  Academic program directories haven’t changed at all in 20 years, their user experiences are still based on print paradigms.  Milieu is the perfect choice for societies like AAA, concerned about the relevance of their academic program directories to a new generation of students. The in-depth profiles their member schools create, and the success stories they share, using Milieu’s standard features, cut right to the top of Google search results. It isn’t enough to make the data available, it has to be discovered through the channels students favor, and it has to go deeper by telling stories that help them imagine what their experience will be like. Finally, it must be possible for them to compare programs side by side, learn about the faculty members they will learn from, and get answers to their own unique questions. 

It will take a couple of years for AAA to fully realize its vision for AnthroGuide but I am thrilled they selected Diamax to provide the strategy and technology they need to get there.  Stay tuned!


  • Client: American Anthropological Association, Arlington, VA
  • Homepage:
  • Solution Type: Milieu EDU Exchange
  • Diamax Engaged: 2019
  • Milieu Implemented: 2019
  • Services: Milieu JumpStart Package


Milieu Modules Applied:

  • Milieu Core
  • Full-Service Organization Profiles