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Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital moves fast - it's our job to understand it in the context of your business, so that we can design changes to your organization and technology that will yield transformative results.  We have been driving change and enabling innovation since our inception. Our biggest differentiator has always been our creativity at the intersection of technology, design, and business strategy.  Some of our engagements focus on a narrow challenge, while others ambitiously endeavor to reshape an client's overall strategic plan.  Regardless of scope, a Diamax digital transformation strategy project will help you start moving towards a brighter, better future.

For associations and non-profits, directories and knowledge libraries are important, often overlooked components of their digital transformation toolkit. Our experience in this area is deep and our success well documented.  Milieu emerged as a convergence technology precisely because of this gap, yet our approach to digital transformation strategy remains broad and technologically agnostic.

Innovation enables impact. Let's get started.


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Omnichannel User Experience Design

Award winning Diamax directories and libraries are relevant, simple, deep, and accessible communities. They bring people together, deliver ideas, facilitate action, and connect buyers with suppliers. Our designs extend beyond the aesthetic, to reflect a deep understanding of web usability issues, information architecture, and new media technologies where directories, libraries, and communities intersect. Diamax designers work diligently to conceive solutions to practical business challenges facing your unique organization.

A lot of people have been talking about omnichannel customer journeys lately.  We think they should be because we've been crafting cross-channel user experiences for almost 2 decades.  We are so passionate about the importance of omnichannel engagement that Milieu was engineered to support it from the beginning.  Not just a buzzword, omnichannel experiences are fundamental to our design process.


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Solution Engineering

Diamax is has been a prime contractor for clients like the World Bank and the National Academy of Engineering for 20 years because of the quality and innovation our team consistently engineers into our technology solutions.  We are known for our capacity to tackle priority challenges involving technology  implement solutions at high velocity, rapidly revising prototypes based on end-user feedback, even in the earliest stages.  Diamax consistently delivers cutting edge solutions, no matter the circumstances. Whether bending code to make legacy technology work with Milieu, or customizing innovative solutions, our team is always ready for the next challenge with the latest tools.  As innovators, we work iteratively in partnership with you over many years to refine and perfect your applications.

Whether you are implementing a marketplace using Milieu, a custom directory based on Microsoft Dynamics, migrating an existing directory to cloud, integrating a knowledge library with a third party community platform, or you need a reliable, established partner to help you develop a product, Diamax engineers have the experience and skills to achieve your goals.


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Support and Monetization

We form multi-decade relationships with our customers and their partners, supporting and advising them as their organizations evolve. We develop a deep working knowledge of our clients' operations and constituents, enabling us to respond to their needs efficiently and effectively. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations and serve as a strategic extension of their in-house team.

Diamax offers ongoing support for directory driven solutions and knowledge libraries based on both Milieu and third party applications.  Our team is available to help with training, customizations, content development, community management, and advertising sales.  We will even help troubleshoot and repair old applications and failed solutions developed by your previous vendors.


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