Diamax B2B Buyer’s Guides, Libraries, and Directories are Online Communities that generate more revenue, reduce costs, and grow membership faster.

Digital Strategy & Innovation Design

We believe in Post-it splattered walls and design thinking. Distilling complex problems down to tangible solutions might seem like messy business but our thorough process has proven to untangle even the gnarliest of problems.

Our 7D Process: Data, Dialogue, Draw, Dissect, Design, Distill, Deploy

Enterprise Architecture

With enterprise organizations, designing software that efficiently supports business processes through the entire institution can be a challenge with clashing stakeholder perspectives, interests, and needs.

With nearly 20 years of experience in enterprise software design, we are aware of the intangibles that often determine if software gets adopted. Diamax has proven to successfully design software that fulfills user needs across the enterprise while respecting IT priorities.

Experience Design

Online, looks and clicks matter, regardless of how great the content might be. Our design team works together to create a slick user experience and powerful graphics that capture the desired audience(s).

We strive for fewer clicks, more action and attraction.


Our multichannel directories of people and organizations are more than just contact listings - they are dynamic, content rich pathways to the right information. Using Miliu's unique architecture, ability to seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems, and dynamically generate print versions, our directories are unmatched by any other. Easy to search, rich in functionality and beautiful in design. When done right, the directories draw traffic, advertising and serious dough - Cha-ching ☺


Don't you love when you are rushing to find a resource and you land on a page with on a long list of PDFs to download? Neither do we. Our e-libraries are composed of rich content (videos, photos, documentsOe) saturated with descriptions, keywords and helpful tools to get you to the right content and the right people quickly. Also, each type of resource is treated differently in our system n this means the content is super easy to maintain over time, catalogue, crosslink, enrich, and display. Then, turn on the social features and let people interact within each resource through forums, commenting, and bookmarking. Sweet.

Conference Solutions

Sweat blood and tears go into creating conferences and symposia. With so much energy, time and money invested organizing the event, why let it fizzle after attendees depart? Amplify the impact of your event by supporting it with a Diamax Conference Solution before, during and after.

  • Before: Build attendance for your event with visually stimulating invitations and newsletters. A nomination system is available along with hassle-free online registration. Capture and organize the materials: Assemble the agenda book and build-out an online roster with rich profiles of speakers & attendees (all exportable to web, mobile - and yes, print too!). Page layout automation means you can manipulate the agenda book right up to the last minute.
  • During: Attendees want mobile access and sponsors want print, give them both! Capture presentations, supporting docs, and even real-time proceedings (direct from conference mics & cameras). Push updates out via email and social channels and watch the tweets fly in during live presentations.
  • After: Build a community around the original agendas, speaker profiles, presentations and resources to stimulate further action.

Nomination Systems

Awards, committee selection, member elections and other nomination processes are always unique and always complex. But with Miliu, the cost, time, and headache of running a nomination process are all significantly reduced. Miliu has reliable security and supports sophisticated nomination forms, auto-generates print-ready reports, and allows for multi-step peer review with online voting. All this and a simple user experience to boot. With 15 years of experience in this niche, Diamax is here to help save hours of staff time, reduce complexity, improve outcomes, and be your Tylenol (or Advil, we don't discriminate).

Multichannel Manuals

Lets face it, ever-changing documents that are imperative for daily operations & procedures, like manuals or handbooks, can be a pain to maintain and distribute. Multichannel Manuals allow organizations to maintain these cornerstone documents, tie them to other relevant content on the web and distribute them easily. Better still, the documents can become magnets for advertising and community; a place to connect with mentors, suppliers and/or peers. Also, our document auto-generation with its press-ready feature distinguishes Diamax from competitors. No more batch printing and storing, no more manual PDF updates, no more hard-to-search downloads. Word-importable, Google-indexable, ultra-searchable documents are uber-lovable.

Social Exchanges

Some organizations see it coming. Some want to ease in, and some are ready to dive in headfirst. What is it? An online social exchange: A hub where associations can maximize the value of their content by allowing members and their customers to engage each other in the same B2B venue. A place where participants can ask and answer questions; connect with suppliers, partners and peers; promote their businesses and generate leads. All of the above is now possible with Miliu Exchange.


Diamax is dedicated to supporting clients. We offer standard training and support with every new project. For our enterprise customers, we offer premium on-site support and strategic consulting packages to ensure your organization is way ahead of the curve. We are known for our fast response times, strategic alignment, and exceptional customer service – ready to support your organization for the long haul.

Application Maintenance

We like your business, of course. But more importantly, we like seeing what we build with your organization work and work well. We won’t leave you hanging. The digital landscape is constantly shifting and our engineering team is here to help make sure your solution stands reliably and securely for years to come.

Advisory Services

The project is complete. Awesome. Now what? Through our advisory services we maintain an ongoing dialog with your leadership team. Through constant awareness of your organization’s priorities, we help you spot challenges on the horizon, and uncover hidden opportunities. Together we stay one step ahead and ensure your success.


a person’s social environment

Milieu is a platform for building digital exchanges. They bring relevant people together inside rich content to answer questions, solve problems, make decisions, learn, network, and get inspired.

We’ve already applied Milieu to create more than a dozen types of solutions. Let’s talk about what Diamax can do for you…

  • Buyer’s Guides
  • Knowledge Libraries
  • Membership Directories
  • Volunteer Directories
  • Chapter Microsites
  • Nomination & Balloting
  • Contracts & Grants
  • Programs
  • Committees
  • Symposia
  • Standards
  • Manuals

Request a Demo

Diamax uses the Miliu platform to build digital exchanges that bring relevant people together inside rich content to answer questions, solve problems, make decisions, learn and get inspired. Miliu technology is transforming directories, e-Libraries, manuals, conference portals, nomination systems, member websites, and supplier guides. Give us a call weekdays between 9AM and 5PM to schedule a demo, learn about our capabilities, or discuss your next project.

Give us a call weekdays between 9:00AM and 5:00PM (DC) to schedule a demo, learn about our capabilities, or discuss your next project.

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ICBA Web Assessment

A Website Assessment to evaluate ICBA's current website architecture and information flows. We created a proposal for the digital strategy to use web, social and mobile channels to enhance the value of ICBA membership and leverage a mix of technology to impact the community banking industry.


The executive presentation had an enormous influence on the perception of ICBA's future and path forward. Very well received, it was dubbed "The Strategic Plan for ICBA by executive leadership.


  • Digital Strategy & Innovation Design
  • Analytics & Content Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Experience Design

West Point Association of Graduates

The US Military Academy at West Point relies on donations from alumni to fund many "non-essential" programs that impact outcomes for its cadets. Through a case of mistaken identity, alumni were donating to an unaffiliated organization instead. Diamax was called in to evaluate the problem and propose an effective strategy to revitalize West Point AOGis ability to connect with alumni online and marshal financial support for specific programs.


The strategy was implemented successfully using Blackbaud NetCommunity. Within a few months, the mistaken identity issue was resolved.


  • Digital Strategy & Innovation
  • Audience Analysis

World Bank EnCorr

Timely executive communication with external constituents is vital to the success of any organization. With an aging Executive Correspondence Management System, the World Bank selected Diamax to evaluate the current system's shortcomings, interview stakeholders around the world, map business processes, and develop detailed business requirements for a replacement solution.


Clickable mockups, 150 page document with 300+ business requirements, and a strategic presentation for the new enterprise software with a unique, flexible framework. We illuminated gaps in stakeholder needs and process understanding. This allowed the client to realistically assess the situation and find the right path forward.


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Digital Strategy & Innovation
  • Audience Analysis

Engineer Girl

Build a platform to encourage and inspire middle school girls to get into engineering.


Thousands of girls are using the site to find role models, get in touch with female engineers, ask questions, and learn about the path to engineering careers. The design was exceptionally well received by the target audience and continues to inspire.


  • Experience Design
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Social Exchange
  • Directory

E4U Video Contest

Challenge people across the country to rev up their creativity, pull out their camera or phone, and produce a video showing the world how they see engineering enhance the quality of life and serve the needs of society.


Over 600 fantastic videos were submitted for the contest. The system was then used for the nomination and voting process to determine the winners. Simple design - powerful outcome.


  • Experience Design
  • Nomination System

World Bank FSAP

World Bank and IMF staff, along with governments around the world, relies on Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) assessments to make informed decisions daily. The traditional method of searching hundreds of PDFs for specific details was incredibly inefficient.


The new E-Library system went beyond solving this inefficiency. It allowed people to jump to the exact section of the report they need, instantly find related reports and identify experts for input. The outcome: better decisions that lower risks and lead to a more stable global economic system. This is next gen social KM.


  • E-Library
  • Sharepoint


The Frontiers of Engineering Education (FOEE) Symposium brings together some of the nation's most innovative engineering educators for a rich experience to share ideas and improve the quality of engineering education in the US. With Diamaxis technology, the FOEE experience was able to move online and become a national community.


A handful of staff are able to assemble a world-class event, manage online nomination and registration, build a powerful knowledge library, and build a national community of experts. Year after year, engineering education gets better at universities all over the US.


  • Nomination System
  • User Experience Design
  • E-Library
  • Directory

Institute of Medicine Elections

The IOM's 1900 members elect up to 70 new members each year through a complex nomination process. Previously, finding the right candidates involved hours of manual staff labor, lots of paper, phone time, and face-to-face meetings.


Our Nomination System significantly reduced the amount of time needed by staff to support each election and made it easier for members to participate. The overall process has become less labor intensive, more collaborative, and way more efficient.


  • Nomination
  • Smart Mail Bulk Email
  • E-Library
  • Document Automation

CSWE Accreditation Handbook

CSWE is the accrediting organization for schools of social work education. Universities regularly consult the CSWE Accreditation Handbook in order to become certified or maintain their accreditation. The handbook is revised every 8 years, each time taking months to complete.


After implementing our solution, the staff was able to import and export changes easily via Word, cutting down the revision process from months to weeks. Now their Accreditation Handbook is instantly available in e-book, PDF, and super searchable HTML formats. SEO bomb. The numbers speak for themselves: CSWE's site traffic increased 300% within the first 30 days after converting their handbook to a Miliu Multichannel Manual.


  • Multichannel Manual

World Bank Operations Manual

World Bank staff reference the Operations Manual thousands of times a month. This document is constantly in a state of flux and needs to be accessible both online and in print. In the past, each print revision would take 6 months to complete. On top of that, a slimmed down public version was needed and their enterprise web CMS could not meet all the requirements.


By eliminating the necessity for grueling graphic design cut-and-paste time and blue-line edits, the World Bank can finally print their 700pg manual affordably and on demand. Also, with the more dynamic online version, staff can actually find the right part of the manual in just one search. Now, the data is always consistent, accurate, audience appropriate and secure.


  • Multichannel Manual


Control System Integrators Association brings together software companies and consultants that automate industrial processes. They had a directory of members but it was not connecting control system integrators with new customers. Few online supplier guides actually do, but CSIA had a vision. That is where Diamax came in.


The Exchange helps manufacturers find a system integrator through several different pathways, moving beyond the "yellow-page" directory model into something more social. Miliu allows integrators to bring the best of their tradeshow booth into a rich online profile, make their sales and marketing team visible and allow them to answer questions directly from potential customers. For CSIA, The Industrial Automation Exchange provides a fresh member benefit, attracts new members, and generates non-dues revenue.


  • Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Social Exchange
  • Directory