About Diamax

We are a digital products company and consultancy that specializes in marketplaces, buyer's guides, academic program directories, member directories, nomination systems, and other directory driven solutions. We are committed to helping associations, NGOs, international organizations, and corporations transform their businesses to create positive impact for their members, customers, constituents, and employees. We have been in business since 1998 and are based in Washington DC.

Our Mission

To generate enduring, positive impact through digital solutions that transfer knowledge, strengthen community, and unleash human capital.

Our Story

Over two decades ago we quit our jobs, hung our shingle online, installed cubicles in the basement of a town house in the suburbs of DC, and started solving problems for the World Bank.  A year later our customer list had grown and our team had relocated to a 'real' office nearby. Two years after that, we were executing bigger projects for more customers, and had moved into a bigger office. Since those early days we have completed hundreds of projects, solved countless innovation challenges for our clients, and successfully evolved into a software products company.  More than half our business is now from SaaS products we sell, but we haven't given up our consulting roots. Great strategy, design, and support set our implementations apart, while occasional custom solutions remain the lab in which we push boundaries and expose new product ideas. 

Why Did We Create A Product?

You've never seen a directory like a Milieu directory. They have been described as marketplaces, exchanges, and hubs.  We believe that business is still about relationships so Diamax redesigns customer journeys around timely, personalized engagement with people who might be able to help (or might know someone who can).  We don't see directories, collections of resources, and community as separate tools.  In the non-digital world, all these elements exist together in one place as components of a community that offers context for activity.  For years, we developed custom solutions that combined these elements but that's too slow and expensive. We envisioned a cloud based SaaS product that would allow us to transform old directories into thriving marketplaces a lot faster.  Thus we engineered Milieu to help more organizations and corporations address the 'directory' gap in their digital transformation strategy.

Who We Are

We are a team of strategists, designers, and engineers working for customers around the world.

Innovation starts with mindset, and that is enabled by a bold culture. Our culture is based on the following values.

  • Think and Act Fast - start creating as soon as possible and iterate rapidly 
  • Embrace Creativity - everyone can build their capacity to create
  • Work Together - engineering design is a team sport
  • Be Objective - get facts and validate ideas before going too far
  • Beat Expectations - find small ways to improve every day
  • Be Friendly & Professional - innovation requires both fun and structure
  • Partner for Success - invest in long-term client relationships 
  • Stay Aligned - constantly listen and adjust
  • Respect Everyone - value all perspectives, especially the old ones
  • Show Courage - change will always be resisted
  • Think Big - transformation is always possible
  • Get Results - the job isn't done until the targeted outcome is achieved

We are based in Fairfax County Virginia, only minutes from Washington DC. Our European office is in the historic center of Bucharest Romania.


Our founder and CEO is Derek Rector.  Derek has led Diamax since 1998.  He advises Diamax clients on directories, marketplaces, digital strategy, digital transformation, omnichannel user experience design, and product design. Derek writes about directory transformation with Milieu on Milieutopia.

Businesses We Know Best

Over the past 21 years Diamax has worked with a broad range of clients, and our adaptability is one of our strengths, but there are a few areas where we really shine because of the depth of our experience.

Directory Publishing - We are leading experts on the transformation of directories into vibrant content marketing communities and customer engagement marketplaces.  We offer unparralleled solutions and growth strategies for B2B buyer's guides, academic program directories, member directors, local chamber of commerce directories and more. 

Associations - We have been achieiving digital transformation for trade associations and professional societies for 2 decades.  Regardless of what makes your association and its stakeholders different, we know how to grow membership, retain existing members, increase non-dues revenue, and improve efficiency. 

Engineering - We have deep experience working with organizations and corporations where engineers and scientists,
engineering, engineering policy, STEM education, and engineering communications are the focus or a cornerstone of success. We believe that engineering will enable solutions to the world's most daunting challenges.

STEM Education - We have been engaged in world-class programs related to STEM education from pre-K through graduate school for 20 years. Some of our biggest impacts have been in this practice area and it will remain core to our work programme for many years to come.

Energy - Over the past 10 years Diamax has focused a significant proportion of our consulting practice on oil and gas pipeline associations and their members. We are engaged in initiatives to improve research efficiency and the transfer of knowledge in areas related to construction, operations, research, security, and environment. 

Public Policy - Our years serving Washington DC’s unique mix of government, business, academe, and non-profit interests has equipped us with a solid understanding of policy. Digital transformation can help bring stakeholders together to achieve consensus on policy recommendations and create coalitions to drive implementation.  We believe in evidence based policy, the power of open data, and the imperative of information access to enable viable, democratic outcomes.

International Development - We have over 20 years of experience working within leading institutions working to end poverty and enable sustainable development. Our solutions have helped executive offices, operational departments, and field level missions alike, to innovate, become more agile, and amplify impact in their relentless pursuit of a better world for billions.  


Diamax is a certfied small business with an excellent contracting history.  Most of our contracts are prime, but we are proud to subcontract for larger vendors or license our technology where our impact can be amplified.




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