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10 Benefits of Digital Transformation by Diamax

What digital transformation outcome would make a difference for you?  We can share terrific examples of how we helped our customers achieve all of these impacts with marketplaces and directories.  

  • Impact - Are your programs actually moving the needle?
  • Revenue - Are your revenue streams getting thinner?
  • Growth - Are you attracting new members, engaging new customers, or opening new markets? 
  • Retention - Do your customers or members still value you?
  • Influence - Are your positions top of mind? Are your recommendations applied?
  • Engagement - Can your constituents connect with their customers in a relevant context?
  • Action - How's your conversion rate? 
  • Efficiency - Are your business processes healthy?
  • Resiliency - Is your business thriving in the face of change?
  • Innovation - Are you ready for change?


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Milieu Accelerates Directory Transformation

Diamax is no stranger to the risks and long-term costs associated with custom applications.  We believe cloud based products that can be configured in days/weeks rather than developed in months/years should be embraced wherever possible. We also believe that old fashioned directories, stand-alone communities, and isolated lists of resources don't offer the context people need to find value in them.  We created Milieu because we couldn't find a product that brought all the necessary elements together for a successful marketplace. 

  • Milieu is a cloud based SaaS product that can be enabled in an hour.
  • Milieu is highly configurable so set-up can be completed in less than 2 weeks.
  • Milieu is self-service so most of our customers launch within 2 months.
  • Milieu allows you to manage your own marketplace so you retain more revenue.
  • Diamax accelerates your transformation by tailoring an implementation strategy and guiding you.
  • Diamax will partner with you for long-term success.


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We Developed our A-Game Partnering with Clients that Matter

Over the past two decades, leading organizations have repeatedly turned to Diamax for insightful strategy, innovative technology, and digital transformation.  Here are some of our current customers:

  • World Bank Group, Washington DC (since 1999)
  • National Academy of Engineering, Washington DC (since 1999)
  • National Academy of Medicine, Washington DC (since 2004)
  • Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, Washington DC (since 2007)
  • Control System Integrators Association, Chicago IL (since 2014)
  • Worldwide ERC, Arlington VA (since 2015)
  • Pipeline Research Council International (since 2015)
  • International Technology and Engineering Educators Association, Reston VA (since 2016)
  • CONNEX (formerly Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association) (since 2019)
  • American Anthropological Association, Arlington VA (since 2019)
  • American Physical Therpay Association, Alexandria VA (since 2019)


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Our Creative Confidence Comes From Twenty One Years of Impact

21 years since we incorporated, we still enjoy the trust and patronage of our very first customers. That's the sort of validation that few consultancies can offer a prospective client.  It confirms that our value has increased over time, as we have accumulated experience and institutional knowledge about our clients.  Two decades of continuous service demonstrates that we are committed to helping our clients persevere to achieve the sort of enduring change that has a lasting and profound impact. 

Here are some achievements we are most proud of:

  • Diamax helped the NAE increase female engineering enrollment at US colleges
  • Diamax is helping PRCI improve oil and gas pipeline safety, construction, & operations worldwide
  • Diamax helped the NAE build a global movement to resolve 14 grand engineering challenges confronting humanity
  • Diamax helped the World Bank become more agile by cutting executive correspondence response time by 66%
  • Diamax helped the IAC help the UN restore confidence in IPCC climate change reports

It's not surprising that most of our business comes from referrals & repeat engagements.


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