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PostedWednesday, November 20, 2019 at 1:56 AM

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doNext.pngMilieu is the product of a digital journey that began in the late 80's. Over the years I've realized that technology can't replace the knowledge and wisdom of people with deep experience.  We can extend and amplify knowledge within an organization to increase innovation, build resiliency, or improve competitiveness, but we can't replace years of experience with knowledge repositories, search tools, or models.

Milieu is about getting you to a person who can help you solve a problem, through content, with community to help you engage.  It assumes you may not know what you're looking for, or even what problem you're trying to solve. It simply trys to help you answer that age old question: who might know something about this?  Printed directories like Yellow Pages phone books were the old way to start searching for a solution, search engines have become the new, but they don't work anymore because they are too broad to be useful within a specific context.  Milieu ads content to a directory to create context. Our neighborhoods, mainstreets, post-offices, and corner stores used to be the place we asked if anyone knew anyone else who might be able to help, social networks are the place we now go to find experience, but they don't work either.  Milieu puts them together online, and encourages you to engage offline, so that you can actually solve the problem.

Diamax has been piloting Milieu for 5 years and we've achieved remarkable results.  For B2B Buyer's Guides, we grew advertising revenue exponentially, grew membership, and increased member satisfaction.  For knowlege hubs we have helped generated more impact than we could have imagined possible.  Milieu has been extended to support complex business processes associated with consusus studies commonly undertaken by NGOs and standards organizations.  For education, we've demonstrated that Milieu can drive K-12 pipelines and help students prepare for and apply to the right schools.  We even have ideas about how Milieu could transform local directories for chambers of commerce, or how it could improve corporate partner locators. In just 5 years, I've realized that by restoring the role of directories in the customer journey, we can help millions of busiensses be seen and understood by new customers.

Welcome to Milieutopia, where I will share stories about the work being done by the Diamax team, as well as my perspectives on omnichannel customer journeys, community, engagement, media, and other things I find relevant to the way we are applying MIlieu to help our customers embrace their future.